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Stability is very important in our life.

Stability is very important in our life. Especially when we encounter some disturbs or recognize the absurdity of the world. We should make our lives more valuable——but for ourselves. No one can answer the question: what is the ultimate goal for life? If I can have the ability to get rid of all the stress and challenges and enjoy a cheerful and simple life, will that be the fortune for me? The answer is not. I need stability and regulation for sure, but I prefer a life with uncertainty; something over control will make me feel alive. The world is in chaos. Numerous people of different colour, genders, and socioeconomic statuses shouted out loudly for the unequal treatment of the absurd society. They are fighting for their right. It is a fantastic struggle.




最近感觉整体的状态非常非常差。生活和工作还是在继续,但是总是面临着很多的不确定性和无力感。虽然我总是习惯对任何的关系都降低预期来保护自己的情绪,仍然会有一些突破我底线的言论和事情出现,我有一点累,也有想要痛哭流涕的瞬间,但是幸运的是的确会有泪水流出。 让我来好好梳理一下这段时间的感触吧。上一段记录还是发生在一月份的年终总结。2024年已经到了中途了,我其实都是懈怠记录和思考,从而导致当我试图想要找




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